Developing Your Ministry Assignment

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This course was first developed over 25 years ago as a 12-week Leadership training program. Through the years it has been modified and streamlined for various venues around the country. This first course in the Series “The Three D’s of Good Ministry is this module. This series of lectures in audio and video format and powerpoint presentations, we will explore the foundations of perfecting your ministry call, vocation, and purpose. Principles for understanding are done in a clear systematic presentation for thought and implementation. Get ready for the Ten Discovery points.


1. To acquire a clear understanding regarding ministry, purpose, and final destiny.

2. To develop leaders along the right path of maturity before they are intoxicated with power.


1. . The text method along with audio and video supplements along with PowerPoint presentations will be used and class participation will be highly encouraged.

2. Effective reading of the Bible, note taking, and audio and visual products will be essential for learning.

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